Fringe Fundraiser – Canterbury Cocktails

This is the year for Fringe fundraisers and readings – several have come to my attention lately. Please let me know if you are aware of more and I’ll happily promote them through this blog and my various social media streams.  Thanks to Yule Heibel for the link to Julian Cervello of Scrumpy Productions.

Photo: David Lowes

Julian presents Canterbury Cocktails as a fundraiser Wednesday July 27th at Merlin’s Sun Theatre in Fairfield. This intimate theatre venue might be just the perfect location to experience an evening of Chaucer, in the original Middle English.

This piece had its genesis as an assignment for a voice class at the University of Toronto. When classmates reacted positively to his portrayal of The Nun, Julian went on to study more of Chaucer’s works, ultimately creating “Canterbury Cocktails”.  He enlisted the help of David Burke, a local theatre artist, as director.

The physical language of this show is more important than the text itself, because without it a lot of the text would be incomprehensible. With so many words lost to modern English, hundreds of intricate gestures are needed to get ideas across. Therefore the most archaic words yield the richest creative opportunities.

Most of us remember Chaucer from English Lit classes. I’m intrigued to explore his works again with this show.

Wednesday July 27th 7pm
Merlin Sun Theatre
1983 Fairfield Rd.
Tickets $25
Space is limited. Please reserve in advance.
Contact Tim at 250-598-7488 or Kathryn at 250 380-6848

Premiering at the 2011 Victoria Fringe Festival

Wood Hall (907 Pandora)
Sat Aug 27, 3:30pm
Sun Aug 28, 8:45pm
Tues Aug 30, 7:45pm
Wed Aug 31, 6:00pm
Fri Sept 2, 4:15pm
Sun Sept 4, 8:30pm
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