iPod Pharmacy Week October 15-19, 2012. Donate at Victoria’s Simply Computing Store.

It started with a tweet from musician Dominque Fricot to Steffani Cameron.

And Steffani, new to Victoria, thought that I might be able to help.

I was able to suggest Simply Computing as a likely business partner and it was a match.  The Victoria Simply Computing store (2639 Quadra Street) will be accepting used iPods and mp3 players for Music Heals’ music therapy programs during iPod Pharmacy Week, October 15th-19th.

Clutter becomes medicine through a new initiative to collect used music players to provide music therapy. “When I began working with Music Heals,” says musician Dominique Fricot, “I learned that sometimes Music Therapy could be as simple as providing someone in an old folks home or a children’s hospital with an empty iPod to fill up with music that truly resonates with them.” Fricot, well aware of the emotional healing power of music, is now set to launch “iPod Pharmacy Week” October 15th-19th.

“I thought to myself that there must be tons of old mp3 players and iPod Nanos and Shuffles that sit around unused on shelves and in drawers.” During iPod Pharmacy Week, participating businesses and schools from Victoria to the Okanagan are collecting donations of used and functional digital music players for use in music therapy. Donations are also being collected by mail to iPod Pharmacy (Music Heals Charitable Foundation), Suite 400 – 1788 W. 5th Ave., Vancouver, B.C. V6J 1P2.  These donated music players will become part of music therapy programs for old and young.

Music therapy is a technique of complementary medicine that uses music prescribed in a skilled manner by trained therapists. Programs are designed to help patients overcome physical, emotional, intellectual, and social challenges. Applications range from improving the well-being of geriatric patients in nursing homes to lowering the stress level and pain of women in labor. Music therapy is used in many settings, including schools, rehabilitation centers, hospitals, hospices, nursing homes, community centers, and sometimes even in the home.

Business partners include all 7 Tom Lee Music locations, Simply Computing’s locations in the Lower Mainland and Victoria, Marquis Wine Cellars (offering a 10% discount with donation), and the eateries Five Point Restaurant on Main Street, and the Cannibal Café, which both offer 25% discounts with donation.

Schools and businesses are still welcome to become partners, by contacting Dominique Fricot.

Fricot also is providing incentive for donors to dig up their old dusty players and bring them in. The Peak Performance Project Top 20 artist, is also giving away a free house concert by drawing a name from all those who donate their devices this month.

About Dominique Fricot

Dominique Fricot is a Vancouver musician, originally from Salmon Arm, BC, who is competing in this year’s Peak Performance Project. Having just released his first solo record “If Baby Could Walk” in June of 2012, Fricot has spent most of this year on tour in Western Canada in May-June and Eastern Canada in July-August. The Shore 104.3 fm recently awarded  Fricot $10,000 in their Best of BC contest for Fricot’s first single “Haunted by Love”.

About Music Heals

The Music Heals Charitable Foundation raises awareness of the healing powers of music and fundraises for Music Therapy and related services across Canada. Their mission is to unite music therapy-related charitable initiatives, and increase patient accessibility to music therapy in children’s hospitals, seniors’ homes, palliative care facilities, at-risk youth programs and more.

Contact and Donate

Dominique Fricot email or 604-671-2595

Attn: iPod Pharmacy
Music Heals Charitable Foundation
Suite 400 – 1788 W. 5th Ave.
Vancouver, B.C. V6J 1P2


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