Social Media Year in Review – October 2010 Victoria BC

In time for Social Media Camp October 3rd, the Victoriatweetup meetup group launched as a means to promote tweetups that need more concrete numbers for venues.

Paul Holmes and Chris Burdge pulled out all the stops for Social Media Camp, with over 450 people in attendance from all over the Pacific Northwest. I was honoured to be included as a speaker ” Community Building – Transitioning Online to Offline” along with Don Power and Brenda Johima. Notes from my presentation.

The “after party” at Bard and Banker allowed people from further afield the chance to connect with Victoria social media aficionados in a more relaxed atmosphere.

Volunteer Victoria was kind enough to invite me to guest blog on their website about “Using Social Media To Promote Events”.

Teresa Sims started the #U30 lunch tweetups for young entrepreneurial and business minded women in October. Follow Teresa and tweet her for more details.

A second #yyjbleeders tweetup had 8 people sign up to give blood! Thanks for giving the “gift of life”.

October is a month of birthdays for local Twitter users, and we celebrated at the Canoe Club on October 23rd. Shortly after some of the attendees (@Shelter68 @Phleygas @VIHippieChick @socialmediasean) started #randomtweetup – fun tweetups at a moment’s notice.

José Albis, the Albis Group, presented on “Self Publishing and Launching Your Personal Brand” to Social Media Club in October.

Photo: tpholmes

October was again a month of connecting to long distance tweeps face to face. I love theatre and events as my twitter feed and blog posts will attest. Mid 2009, I stumbled upon #2amt, a group of theatre practioners on Twitter who literally “met” at 2am and started to consider the future of theatre.

These discussions led to the #2amt hashtag, Twitter handle @2amt and blog, as well as professional collaborations. When Simon Ogden, author of The Next Stage Magazine, moved to Victoria (check out his outstanding bartending at Veneto) we simply had to have coffee. In October I met Kate Foy @dramagirl from Australia and Lois Watson @smlois from Vancouver (soon to be in Edmonton) too!

Although Gisela @lifeasafestival is not part of the #2amt tribe – we managed to find one another through our love of festivals and celebrations. Gisela is travelling the world and volunteering/interning at festivals. It was a pleasure to meet her in Victoria.

Photo: Gisela Boehnisch
Patrick Tussie is not a long distance tweep, but rather a movie fan in Victoria. We had very different views of some 2010’s “hit” movies. Twitter allowed us to connect. Finally, we met for coffee. Congratulations to Patrick on his recent engagement.  I love how Twitter allows us to see the world through other people’s eyes – IF we are open to that experience.

We travelled to Nanaimo for the 3rd Nanaimo Tweetup hosted by the Vitamin House. Although tweetup culture in Nanaimo is still in its infancy, tweetups are very well attended and organized.

After the #poutineoff came the #pumpkinoff October 29th between the Fairmont Empress and Hotel Grand Pacific. Chefs Ito and Choy produced some phenomenal carvings and desserts for judging by @ScrimporSplurge @AwesomeYoga @magsedoyle @lacouvee @cpudan @sashaangus. Once again, Chef Ito and the Empress team won out – very narrowly besting Chef Choy (by one point).

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