Treasured Holiday Traditions – Tourtière

In honour of my grandmother Marion, and my mom (her daughter-in-law) Cassy. Christmas would not be Christmas in our household without Tourtière.  My dad came from Québec, and my grandmother would serve it every Christmas Eve, right after Midnight Mass. In time, my own mother learned to make tourtière, and eventually I followed the tradition. Like many cherished recipes, the one for Tourtière is highly debated; every region of Québec has … [Read more...]

The Arrival of the Queen (bee) at the Fairmont Empress

What a treat to be present for the arrival of the Queen (bee) at the Fairmont Empress! Recently named Executive Chef Kamal Silva was instrumental in introducing honeybees to  the Fairmont Vancouver Airport hotel, and decided to repeat the experience in his new home, Victoria BC. John Gibeau of the Honeybee Centre in Surrey provided over 400,000 Carniolan bees, in 10 hives, which have been installed in the Sunken Garden at the Empress. Over … [Read more...]

Soup – Canned or Home-Made?

There is something about a bowl of hot soup on a cold day! Especially in the weeks before winter holidays when it seems like everyone (me included) is trying to cram too much (shopping, volunteering, partying, visiting) into too little time. Today between volunteering for Santa’s Breakfast at the Burnside Gorge Community Centre and delivering truffles to @2GlassyLadies at the Moss Street Market Craft Fair; and before the excellent “Little Shop … [Read more...]