Sweetening the pot for @Cabin12Victoria.

@Cabin12Victoria is an amazing story. The owner Corey Judd raised the capital to start his restaurant from a Facebook group.

Cabin 12 is home to our morning #victoriatweetup. We’ve enjoyed the casual atmosphere and honest home cooked food on many occasions.

Now, they need our help. Operating funds have dried up – not surprising for a newer restaurant in November in Victoria BC. Corey is staging a fundraiser on Saturday November 21st from 10am to midnight to raise operating funds.

He’s got a good handle on his Facebook promotion but could use a hand with Twitter. This is where we come in.

I will personally deliver one dozen of my hand crafted French truffles to you for every $50 donation made. Sure, it’s a bribe, but the amazing community of Cabin 12 is worth it.

I’ll be @Cabin12Victoria 607 Pandora Avenue from 10am to noon tomorrow Saturday November 21st. If you would like to make a donation please @reply me. You can deliver the donation (and receive a certificate good for one dozen truffles) or I will pick it up if getting downtown on Saturday is not possible.

My goal is a minimum of $500 but do you think we could raise $1000??

Please retweet this message widely. I admire the resiliency and spunk that Corey and his team display.

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