Darth Fiddler and His New Violin

Darth Fiddler is back performing on the Inner Harbour and looks forward to the Victoria International Buskers Festival. We stopped by to visit with him briefly and listen to his music, performed on the violin donated by Larsen Music.

For more information on the attack on Darth Fiddler June 11th, see here:

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  1. It’s great that the community was able to come together and help out the Dark Lord of the Violin, but my guess is that there is still some emptiness in his heart. I know that for me I have a special bond with my saxophone, and if were to ever lose it, it would be tough to pick up another sax and forget the old one.

    An instrument is like a loved one, but also an extension of yourself; It’s the tool you use to express yourself. Although I am sure that Darth Fiddler is thankful to everyone involved, he most likely still needs to heal after the loss of a trusted friend.

    If you are downtown and you feel that his performances are no up to par, try to look beyond the mask for a moment and you will probably see a man still mourning the loss of a good friend.

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