Ride the Cyclone by Atomic Vaudeville

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Image by Barbara Pedrick on Flickr (used with permission)

There really isn’t much I can say about Atomic Vaudeville’s smash hit, Ride the Cyclone, that hasn’t been said before. And since my son is one of the performers, any review I post would most assuredly appear to be biased.

Other people have told you why you should go. So – do! Quick, before all the seats are sold and the show heads out of town (Victoria BC) on a cross Canada tour that will take them from Vancouver, to Whitehorse, and finally Toronto before ultimately (fingers crossed) making its way to off-Broadway and beyond.

You’ll see a polished upbeat, quirky, razzle-dazzle show that hops from French torch song, to gospel medley, to rap while passing by a David Bowie-esque number and the Ballad of Jane Doe to finish on pink sugar clouds. You’ll be entertained, perhaps in a way that no musical to date has done.

Atomic Vaudeville "Ride the Cyclone" promo photo 3

Image by Barbara Pedrick from Flickr used by permission

Here’s to Jacob Richmond and Britt Candide Small for founding Atomic Vaudeville in 2004 and providing the incubator for shows like Ride The Cyclone and Legoland. Thank you for bringing together so many talented individuals in one place through your ongoing cabarets,  and nurturing young talent.

Thank you Brooke Maxwell for your engaging, foot tapping tunes that showcase the individuality and strengths of each actor.

Thank you to past cast members Almira Jiwa, Tim Johnson, Carey Wass and Celine Stubel for your contributions to the development of the show.

Thank you to the creative team – Michael Franzen, Hank Pine, James Insell, Ingrid Hansen and Treena Stubel. You’ve helped stage this play in the Metro Studio, the Victoria Event Centre, at SummerWorks, and now at the Belfry Theatre. Each time, it has required re-adjustments.

To the puppeteer, Jen Wilcox – thank you for bringing the Amazing Karnak to life.

To the actors: Rielle Braid, Matthew Coulson, Kelly Hudson, Elliott Loran, Sarah Jane Pelzer, Kholby Whardell, Alex Waslenko – I admire your determination and dedication to your craft; your persistence at a time when the arts are not as valued as we might hope them to be; your desire to follow your creative dreams. People see you there for a moment and it all seems so effortless. They have no idea of the back story. The piano lessons at 5, or dance lessons at 3, or voice lessons from the time you were 10. They don’t know that you still practice. Or that this play is only one of your projects. Some still think that success happens overnight on shows like American Idol or Britain’s Got Talent, or even via a YouTube video. You know differently.

I’ve watched the growth of Ride the Cyclone from its first production in 2009, and seen how much all of you involved in the show have invested. Thank you for being willing to take the necessary risks to entertain us – your audience. Bravo!

Ride the Cyclone:

Belfry Theatre, Victoria BC until July 17th.   Tickets online or by contacting the box office at 250 385 6815

Arts Club (Revue Stage), Vancouver BC, September 28th- October 15th

Yukon Arts Centre, Whitehorse, October 26th-28 th

Theatre Passe Muraille Toronto – November 10th – December 3rd

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  1. Just noticed that the Arts Club website states the performance is on until October 15th, not the 5th.

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