Theatre SKAM 2016-2017 season

Theatre SKAM 2016-2017 season

Theatre SKAM was formed in 1995 by four emerging artists (Sarah Donald, Karen Turner, Amiel Gladstone, and Matthew Payne)
as a means for the creation and production of new work. Since that time they have served as a hub for other emerging artists, particularly with the advent of Bike Ride (now SKAMPEDE)–a mobile feast of theatre along the Galloping Goose–in 2009.

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Fashion Machine at George Jay April 30th, 2pm.

Fashion Machine on a U.K. Tour to Bristol and Cardiff!  Come to the George Jay event to wish us luck and help raise funds for this important tour for SKAM.

SKAMpede is back!  July 8th to 10th.  (see below for a list of shows)

In the fall, look for the site-specific piece Shop Talk at the Pacific Opera Scene Shop (October 14-23, 2016).

In spring 2017, Joan, about the life of SKAM super-fan Joan Mans, gets its premiere as part of Belfry Theatre’s SPARK Festival from March 17 to 26, 2017; it’s offsite show at the Metro Theatre.
SKAMPEDE! July 8-10th. Harbour Road HUB. Performances on the Galloping Goose Trail and at the HUB!


Ottawa Stilt Union

Kelly McInnes

First N Last Productions
“Where’s Tori?” (Victoria)

Story Theatre Company
“Stories From the Trail” (Victoria)

John G. Boehme with Beauregard Boheme
“Making Performance Art” (Victoria)

The Giant Heads Collective
“Death Takes a Holiday” (Victoria)

2 Dope Boys in a Cadillac
“Banning Butterflies From Poetry” (Victoria)

Foolish Operations
“Tricoter” (Vancouver)

Two Little Theatre
“Emily Etterson’s Eco-friendly Water Service (For Charity!)”

Half Baked Theatre Co.
“The Tour de Farce!” (Victoria)


Jo Leslie, “The Gazoo Returns” (Victoria)
Emma Zabloski (Victoria)
Jane Bee (Victoria)


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