Win Tickets to “Influence” by Intrepid Theatre

Elliott Loran as John Keats (image: Intrepid Theatre)

Readers of this blog (and my Twitter feed) will know that I am a regular volunteer and patron of Intrepid Theatre.

I’m excited about the upcoming performances (March 4-13, 2011) of the play “Influence” written by Intrepid’s artistic director, Janet Munsil, and produced to co-incide with the company’s 25th anniversary. And, thanks to the generosity of Intrepid, one of my readers (and a guest) will have the opportunity to attend too!

(See contest details below).

Influence is set in the British Museum in 1817, the date of the controversial arrival of the Elgin Marbles. A young John Keats is taken on a visit to the museum by painter Benjamin Haydon when he inadvertently wanders into the middle of a millennia old feud waged by the gods of ancient Greece amidst the kidnapped statues of Athena’s Parthenon.

The play was commissioned and first produced by Touchstone Theatre in Vancouver in 2008 (directed by Katrina Dunn). While Influence had a reading in Victoria that same year, this will be the first time it has been performed in Victoria.

Janet Munsil has been working for Intrepid since 1992 and is also a playwright whose works (that elusive spark, Circus Fire, Be Still, Emphysema) have been produced by some of the most respected contemporary theatres in the world (including Toronto’s Tarragon Theatre & London’s Soho Theatre). Influence is produced in association with her new Victoria-based production company, Missing Page.

Influence will feature a cast of Victoria’s favourite actors (Ian Case, Paul Terry, Elliott Loran, David Radford and Karen Lee Pickett).

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