2015 the Year of More and Less

2015 the Year of More and Less.

Since 2013, I’ve named the years.  They’ve been “The Year of Taking More Risks, Having More Fun and Expanding Cultural Horizons” (2013); “The Year of Celebration, Exploration and Adventure (2014).  2015 is “The Year of More and Less”.

Here’s my beginning list. I don’t  make resolutions, but want 2015 to be “more” of certain attitudes and behaviours and “less” of others.  What about you? Do you have suggestions to add to the list?

Summit Park December 2014Summit Park Garry Oak meadow. December 2014.

more compassion; less judgement

more joy; less worry

more action; less talk

more face-to-face; less screen time

more fruit and veggies; less sugar

more exercise; less sitting

more time in nature; less time in-doors

more patience; less irritability

more faith; less doubt

more unknown; less familiar

more chance; less certainty

more serendipity; less planning

more planning; less aimlessness

more freedom; less expectation

more ease; less striving

more authenticity; less role-playing

more creation; less consumption

more help; less hinder

more discovery; less known

more beauty; less ugliness

more reason; less rant

more slow; less haste

more appreciation; less taken-for-granted

more whimsy; less practical

more practical; less extravagant

more thrifty; less wasteful

more exuberant; less staid

more hand-made; less store-bought

more local; less big-box

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  1. I like this list and the idea of adjusting the dials to get to the life/lifestyle you crave. For me, I’d add “more road/less rage.”

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