A Place to Listen 7 – April 17th, 2013

In our hectic modern lives, taking the time to stop, breathe in, and listen to the sounds around us seems to be such a luxury. Afford yourself the treat of A Place to Listen 7a concert for listening in the intimate venue of James Bay United Church. Victoria-area composer Daniel Brandes has been a student of Antoine Beuger’s Wanderweiser School and now brings us a different way of approaching music.

For our 7th concert, A Place to Listen presents an intimate evening of music, featuring solo works by Antoine Beuger and Anastassis Philippakopoulos.

Local composer, pianist, and A Place to Listen founder Daniel Brandes will perform Philippakopouls’ 2011 work “Five Piano Pieces” and A Place to Listen regular Stefan Maier will perform Beuger’s “24 petits préludes pour la guitare”.

Antoine Beuger beautifully describes his “24 petits préludes pour la guitare” writing: It takes waiting. Then another string, another finger. A pass in the middle of an arpeggio: an alvearium must be built, a conduit, an in-between-

More than a concert series, A Place to Listen is about creating a space. A quiet place where, for an hour or two, one can be deeply attuned to something. Nothing spectacular or sensational. Just some tones and some silence. In our current culture of hyper-stimulation and saturation—which attempts to colonize our imaginations and demands that we not look too closely, or feel too deeply—this kind of musical practice is essential. It feeds a part of us that, more and more, we are learning to neglect. The part that needs quiet.

Rather than a concert series, this is a listening series. Thanks for listening

A Place to Listen presents

Beuger and Philippakoupoulos

Date: Wednesday April 17
Time: 7 pm
Address: 517 Michigan Street, Victoria
Admission: By donation


Here’s a video of the very first A Place to Listen concert – featuring Brandes and Meier and Antoine Beuger’s little more than a whisper

[vsw id=”XXQHAq9ft24″ source=”youtube” width=”425″ height=”344″ autoplay=”no”]

When I think of listening, I think of nature and being surrounded by sounds that, so often, become obscured by the din of cities.



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