A Place to Listen 8 – June 19, 2013

Summer brings time to slow down, relax and simply be – nights spent round campfires listening to the crackle of wood and flame, afternoons at the beach as waves lap the shore and children giggle in the distance, mornings deep in the woods where birds titter and leaves sigh.

Since last fall, composer Daniel Brandes has curated a listening series that hearkens to these times and provides A Place to Listen. “Rather than a concert series, this is a listening series”, says Brandes.

For A Place to Listen 8 he has coaxed acclaimed harpsichordist Colin Tilney to perform.  Not only is Tilney one of the premier interpreters of baroque music, he has a particular fondness for experimental music as well, and will perform two world premieres on June 19th. Aficionados of both genres will want to ensure they attend this one-of-a-kind concert. Tilney moved to Victoria in 2002, is on the faculty of the UVic School of Music and plays frequently with the Victoria Symphony.

What a phenomenal way to celebrate the beginning of summer. For a very modest ticket price, give yourself the gift of stopping to listen – the music will be phenomenal.

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Place to Listen presents:

Harpsichordist Colin Tilney

Date: Wednesday, June 19th
Time: 7:00 PM
Place: James Bay United Church
Address: 517 Michigan Street, Victoria
Admission: General Admission $10/Students and Artists $5

A Place to Listen is thrilled to present an intimate evening with acclaimed harpsichordist Colin Tilney. Having an international reputation as a leading interpreter of early keyboard music for harpsichord, clavichord, and fortepaino, Tilney also has a deep interest in contemporary and experimental music. This program brings together these two threads of Tilney’s rich musical practice.  Tilney will be presenting a selection works by baroque composers Johan Forberger and Louis Couperin, as well as the world premieres of two new compositions by Daniel Brandes (Canada) and Taylan Susam (the Netherlands).  This concert presents an incredible opportunity to hear an extraordinary musician, in a very intimate setting, playing musical that he truly loves.

“I cannot express how excited I am to have Colin performing at A Place to Listen”, says founder Daniel Brandes. “Colin is an extraordinary musician. I had the pleasure of hearing a private performance of the program at his home, and I was floored by his passion, excitement and dedication; by the deep sensitivity he brings to his playing. His love for this music is so palpable.”

More than a concert series, A Place to Listen is about creating a space. A quiet place where, for an hour or two, one can be deeply attuned to something. Nothing spectacular or sensational. Just some tones and some silence. In our current culture of hyper-stimulation and saturation—which attempts to colonize our imaginations and demands that we not look too closely, or feel too deeply—this kind of musical practice is essential. It feeds a part of us that, more and more, we are learning to neglect. The part that needs quiet.

Rather than a concert series, this is a listening series. Thanks for listening

For more information on upcoming concerts or to set up an interview please contact Daniel Brandes: brandes@wandelwesier.de
or 250 686 4766

Or visit http://aplacetolisten.tumblr.com

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