Lest We Forget – Remembrance Day 2011

“We will remember them.” Laurence Binyon.

Although TS Eliot says that “April is the cruellest month”, for me it is November, when the late Victoria autumn, so warm this year, turns suddenly chilly and November 11th dawns inevitably grey and drizzly.

From the top of Mill Hill looking down towards Parsons Bridge, ablaze in gold, their familiar shape distinct against the backdrop of Douglas firs and other conifers, sevenLombardy poplars stand.

Were they planted, like so many others, as a happy memory and reminder to Canadian soldiers of the rural roads and lanes on the Italian peninsula? One happy memory amid the unspeakable ones experienced by the veterans of the Italian campaign.

As a Canadian,  I am thankful for the freedoms secured over 60 years ago – freedoms not always shared in other countries.

How have you been impacted by veterans of the War Years, those in the armed forces and those who served on the home front?

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