A hiatus and a thank you

Thank you dear readers for your attention to this website.  Many of you will have noticed that the last article was dated September 23, 2018. I hit "pause" after almost a decade of following and writing about a community I love more than words could ever convey. Stay tuned for more news about the next chapter and thank you for reading.  This website began as a way of aggregating various posts on Twitter, Facebook and other social media … [Read more...]

2015 the Year of More and Less

2015 the Year of More and Less. Since 2013, I've named the years.  They've been "The Year of Taking More Risks, Having More Fun and Expanding Cultural Horizons" (2013); "The Year of Celebration, Exploration and Adventure (2014).  2015 is "The Year of More and Less". Here's my beginning list. I don't  make resolutions, but want 2015 to be "more" of certain attitudes and behaviours and "less" of others.  What about you? Do you have … [Read more...]

“A Place To Listen” concert – January 16th

I have declared 2013 to be The Year of Taking More Risks, Having More Fun, and Expanding Cultural Horizons.  I love that, sometimes, you can do all three at once. "A Place To Listen" is a new music concert series on the third Wednesday of the month, originated by Daniel Brandes in the fall of 2012.  You can read more about the December concert here and learn how I came to meet Daniel. The January 16th concert will feature the North American … [Read more...]

The Human Body Project Celebrates 6th Anniversary with a March Vigil

The first year  Tasha Diamant appeared in the Human Body Project at the Victoria Fringe Festival, I had just completed the photo shoot for the Babes (and Blokes) Go Bare for Cancer fundraising calendar, so the idea of a middle-aged woman onstage, naked and unscripted, struck me, not as odd, but as intriguing. The Human Body Project is an ongoing performance art and non-violent action project. As creator, I make an intention to show up in … [Read more...]

I Can’t Wait to Be “Old” – thoughts from Fresh Year, Fresh Face

I always thought  there would be a time in the future when I was truly "old" and  looks wouldn't matter.  But judging from my mother's cohort (she's over 80), people seem to be divided into groups - those who spend a lot of time on appearance and those who don't. When did I learn this vision of "pretty" - the one that whispers to me "if only you'd put on some makeup, then you'd look better"? … [Read more...]

Finding The Poem in Your Heart’s Garden with Wendy Morton at RRU

Have you ever written poetry?  Do you believe, as I did, that your muse has abandoned you?  A prolific writer in my teens and twenties, I had all but given up on my writing until a chance encounter with Victoria area poet, Wendy Morton, at Planet Earth Poetry. … [Read more...]

Fresh Year, Fresh Face

It's the first day of 2012, and I'm beginning it fresh-faced (without makeup) thanks to a conversation almost a year ago with Megan Ann Ward, a then-local Victoria slam poet. … [Read more...]

Lest We Forget – Remembrance Day 2011

"We will remember them.” Laurence Binyon. Although TS Eliot says that “April is the cruellest month”, for me it is November, when the late Victoria autumn, so warm this year, turns suddenly chilly and November 11th dawns inevitably grey and drizzly. From the top of Mill Hill looking down towards Parsons Bridge, ablaze in gold, their familiar shape distinct against the backdrop of Douglas firs and other conifers, sevenLombardy poplars … [Read more...]

It’s the Simple Things – Like Digging Toes in Sand

View "The Simple Things - Like Digging Toes in Sand!" on Storify … [Read more...]

In Memorium – Happy 60th Birthday Yves Loran!

It went zipping by so fast a few days ago, the tweet from @sarahpetrescu. It would have been her dad's 58th birthday, so to honour him she was going to the union meeting, then to light a candle, and toast. That's when it hit me - my late husband's birthday , October 17th, was fast approaching - quick calculation; it would have been his 60th today. And I forgot! So, in honour of Yves Loran.... Yves was a lover of single malt Scotch, judo, … [Read more...]