Word Camp Victoria 2013 Presentation: Blogging to Build Community, Online and Off

I’m honoured to be speaking at the fifth Word Camp Victoria on January 12th, 2013. It’s a labour of love for Paul Holmes and a way for the community of WordPress enthusiasts and developers to give back.

When I approached blogging in the mid 2000s I couldn’t imagine having enough to say. Then I started using Twitter in April 2009, posting tweets of interest to me – mainly regarding the performing arts and community building initiatives in Victoria BC.

My first blogs (on WordPress.com and Posterous) were simply places to store information that I was tweeting about, since many organizations and groups didn’t have websites or a social media presence.  Gradually over time, I developed my own writing voice, and audience.

In 2011 I made the move to a self-hosted blog on WordPress.org at JanisLaCouvee.com, and repatriated content written from 2009 to 2011.

I’ll share my experience, and tips to build your communities (both online and off) without becoming slave to your blog.

Yes, you can have a blog and a life!

Janis La Couvée is a financial services professional with a keen interest in community building and the arts.  She is a member of the Social Media Club Victoria leadership team, and was the lead organizer for Twestival Victoria. Her blog is an extension of her Twitter, social media and community experience.

Janis is passionate about bridging online and offline communities to effect positive social change.

Target Audience (Skill Level): This session is aimed at Beginner to Intermediate, although Advanced level participants are invited to share their experiences in our discussion after the presentation.

Target Audience (Interests): Bloggers, Writers,Community Managers

About @lacouvee

Community Builder. Catalyst. Speaker. Writer. Arts Advocate.

Passionate about bridging online and offline communities to effect positive change.

I truly believe that one person can make a difference and that we all have our own lives to live, creatively, while respecting the unique nature of others.

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