James and Jamesy in High Tea. November 13-16, 2014 Victoria BC.

James and Jamesy in High Tea. November 13-16, 2014 Victoria BC.

One of my favourite duos, the acclaimed, multi-award-winning James and Jamesy return to Victoria BC with their summer 2014 Fringe hit High Tea.  Unknown to Fringe audiences before 2013, their high energy physical performance attracted attention and garnered sell-outs from coast to coast.  In particular, I was struck with their ability to incorporate four audience members into the running narrative of their initial offering 2 for Tea. In addition, their performances truly are suitable for all ages. Indeed–last fall when they returned to the Metro Studio–I noticed theatre-goers who were under five and over seventy.  High Tea is daft, silly, clever and precise. Laughter guaranteed.  Here’s my review of the show from this year’s Fringe.

Jamesy Evans & James Brown  Photo by Kathy KnowlesJamesy Evans and James Brown in High Tea. Photo: Kathy Knowles

Having won BEST COMEDY and selling out their entire run at the Victoria Fringe, British critically acclaimed physical comedy duo James & Jamesy (of 2013’s 2 for Tea) return to Victoria with their latest award winning tea adventure. High Tea has sold out performances and won awards across Canada, including BEST OF FEST (Vancouver Fringe), PATRONS’ PICK (London Fringe), BEST SCRIPT (Montreal Fringe), MOST OUTSTANDING SHOW (London Fringe), and BEST COMEDY (Victoria).

When the world is flooded in tea, James and Jamesy cling to their friendship and spectacular imagination to keep them afloat.

Tea fills Jamesy’s apartment until its pressure breaks the fourth wall, inundating the audience and the entire world with a sea of tea. As the action unfolds, James & Jamesy find innovative and hilarious solutions to the nautical dilemmas they encounter and involve audience members as pivotal characters in the epic adventure. Think Water World, Titanic, Jaws, and Noah’s Arc combined in an uproariously playful and interactive show.

Audiences ease into participating in the play, delight in how the extraordinary joyously erupts from the ordinary, and feel a heartfelt love for the relationships in their lives as the whimsical story unfolds.

An irresistible delight. They put the ‘play’ (as in spontaneous fun) back into ‘play’ (as in theatre), and remind an adult audience of the children they once were, and still are.” Stage Door, Toronto

Tickets   $20 adults; $15 students/seniors; $5 children 12 and under
Online:     TicketRocket.org Phone:     250-590-6291 Person:   Ticket Rocket 1609 Blanshard St. (at Fisgard)
Metro Studio Theatre 1411 Quadra (at Johnson)
Thu,            Nov 13,    7:30 pm
Fri,             Nov 14,    7:30 pm
Sat,             Nov 15,    7:30 pm
Sun,            Nov 16,    2:00 pm (matinée)

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