Social Media Year in Review – September 2010 Victoria BC

WestShore coffee tweetups gained momentum in September and have continued since, usually every 1st and 3rd Friday of the month. We’ve been meeting at Mirage Coffee on Goldstream but may need to move soon as the group keeps growing. Search for the words “Westshore coffee #victoriatweetup”.

Regulars include: @Growlies @CrisVleck @brandscaping @Chris_Synesael @DrMarkWagner @psbdelegation @westcoast_dave @chiatweet @StyleRunner @Ahkonsu @KPAthleticWear @WestShoreLife @K9HQ @DustypupVI @CalebDelamont @taylorjenn @pearlbriteyyj @WillWinterPhoto @cpudan

Finally, after months of watching the “Gents #Victoriatweetup” from the sidelines, and prompted by tweets from @KirstySheldon @GDGeek @Auryanna, the ladies managed to organize their own tweetup! It looks like this too may become a monthly affair. Keep on eye on for more details.

In early 2010, I introduced Sandy Ibrahmin @hittofit of Victoria to Eleni Kehagiaras @ekehagiaras of Portland via Twitter. Sandy and Eleni went on to arrange a business partnership and @hittofitpdx was born. I finally got to meet Eleni in person in September.

September was a good month for face to face meetings with long distance tweeps. Jamie Gale was moving to Victoria from Vancouver – we’d tweeted back and forth a bit and connected for coffee and more networking. Jamie understands the value of moving online to offline in order to build stronger relationships. He’s a great addition to the Victoria community.

Photos: Debra Brash Times Colonist

Sarah Petrescu from the Times Colonist often sources models for her articles via Twitter. That’s how Melissa McLeod and I came to be featured in “Basic Instincts” an article on fall “must haves”. Rumon Carter and Sean Dhillon were the models for “Fearless Fashion” in November.

The 3rd Mashable meetup on Sept 23rd for Social Media Good Day was hosted by Parkside Victoria and Lina Zussino. Discussions centered on using social media for social good. How can we effect social change using social media?

UVIC’s LipDup went viral. But wait – it was UVIC in Spain.

In response, lead by Shawn Slavin, UVic filmed their own lipdub on September 25th. What an amazing experience to be part of a HUGE group of people focused on creating this video.  Chris Ruffell from Aclara Promotions will be presenting at Social Media Club in January.

Photo: tpholmes

September’s Social Media Club meeting  “Religion, Spirituality and Social Media” with @Eshusan (Victoria Zen Centre) @NickTheViking (Saanich Baptist) and @DrMarkWagner (Salvation Army) had attendees considering the nature of community, as much as spirituality. Juhli Selby recapped the evening in two parts.

One of the “ideas” to come out of the Ideas Victoria meetings was “Awesome Shit Club” where “awesomites” grant money to “awesomers”.  The inaugural event saw slam poet Missie Peters win $600 towards creating the First Victoria Spoken Word Festival (February 23rd-26th). There is an event scheduled for January 2011.

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