The CCPA Alumni Company Presents Get Happy and The Pitch. May 14-28 2016.

The CCPA Alumni Company Presents Get Happy and The Pitch. May 14-28 2016. (media release)

Canadian College of Performing Arts Alumni Launch Two Hot New Productions

Hailing from all across Canada, a new musical theatre company will be touring Vancouver Island presenting two new works created and presented by graduates of the Canadian College of Performing Arts (CCPA). Overall, CCPA alumni are some of Canada’s most successful singers, dancers and actors with over 600 working all across Canada and internationally.

“Nobody does musical theatre like students and graduates of the college,” said R.J. Peters, Artistic Producer of the Alumni Company and Director of The Pitch, one of the two one-act musicals. “We’re creating a new show with a true vaudeville feel. The two productions are perfectly tailored for local businesses, schools, retirement residences; presenting a unique theatrical experience”.

“All aspects of these productions, from writing to technical to performing is done exclusively by CCPA alumni,” says Ron Schuster, CCPA College Director. “It is a great showcase of their incredible talents”.

The company launches formally at the end of April with performances at the CCPA Performance Hall on MAY 14 2:00PM, MAY 14 7:30PM, MAY 20 7:30PM, MAY 21 2:00PM, MAY 21 7:30PM, MAY 26 7:30PM, MAY 27 7:30PM, MAY 28 2:00PM, and MAY 28 7:30PM. The project is a component of the Community Outreach Program of the Canadian Heritage Arts Society.

Presenting two distinct new works:

Get Happy is a new musical revue compiled by Avery Brennan. Featuring music from hit movie musicals such as Funny Girl, Victor/Victoria, 42nd Street, and Chicago, it tells the age old story of a determined young woman who yearns for stardom, in a world where people can’t seem to appreciate her talents.

The Pitch: Doc Nostrum & His Caravan of Cure-Alls is a mini-musical created by Sarah Murphy featuring music from traditional bluegrass, vaudeville, and early jazz eras. The show follows smooth talkin’ snake oil salesman Doc Nostrum as he and his troupe of performers travel from town to town duping the public with claims of miracle cures, tonics, and elixirs. When they meet small town girl Clara Morris, they get more than they bargained for and things begin to go awry for these purveyors of promise.

The cast and production team appear with the generous support and permission of Canadian Actors’ Equity Association.

Directors: Avery Brennan & R.J. Peters
Music Director: John Han
Choreographer: Joel Sturrock
Writers: Avery Brennan & Sarah Murphy
Artistic Producer R.J. Peters

Tickets $20 adults/ $10 seniors, students and alumni

CCPA Alumni Company Get Happy and The Pitch May 2016

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