The Raptures of Distress by Dr Stanley K Freiberg, Sept 27/28 in Victoria BC.

The Raptures of Distress by Dr Stanley K Freiberg September 27/28 in Victoria BC

I attended Voices from the Four Directions  last year and remarked on the quality, not only of the work but also of  the assembled group of readers and singers, all artists and teachers well-known in the Victoria arts community. It was a most pleasant evening to benefit a local charity.

Director Naomi Simpson has once again worked with Dr Stanley K Freiberg, a most prolific author, to bring to light a select number of poems, stories and songs in The Raptures of Distress, September 26 and 27 at Wood Hall (Victoria Conservatory of Music).

Raptures of Distress Sept 2014Later in life, most people prefer to slow down and take a well deserved rest. Not so for Dr. Stanley K. Freiberg. As a university professor specializing in the English Romantic period he has taught in the US, Canada and at the University of Baghdad. Now residing in Victoria, he is a prolific writer and composer with several books drawing on his globetrotting life to educate and entertain.

Rather than rest on his laurels, he continues to be very active in Victoria’s arts community producing a program of tone poems performed at the Victoria Conservatory of Music in September 2012 and a recital of poetry, prose and songs called Voices From The Four Directions at St. Anne’s Academy in 2013. His works are a direct link between his teaching adventures over the years, history and the complexities of our increasingly globalized world. “These stories are really shared experiences waiting to happen,” says Dr. Freiberg. “Look at the trajectory of world affairs lately and you realize the importance of reaching out to others.”

Currently, Dr. Freiberg is working on a retrospective called The Raptures of Distress, directed by Naomi Simpson, which will make use of some incredibly talented local actors to raise money for the Intercultural Association. His works draw on the idea of community, the roots of conflict, peace and the potential of storytelling to bring us together in times of crisis. “The problems of the future are going to require a team effort, which means building cultural connections, and storytelling is universal.” says Meghan Mergaert, the ICA’s Development Manager. “We’re really happy to be working with Dr. Freiberg.”

The Raptures of Distress features singer Elisabeth Wagner, pianist Anna Cal, and actors Kassiani Austin, Brian Richmond, Celine Richmond, Julian Cervello, Juliana Saxton, Will Weigler, Iris McGregor Bannerman, Fran Gebhardt, Susie Mullin, Melissa Blank

The Inter-Cultural Association of Greater Victoria helps individuals and organizations across cultures by engaging people through networks, education and arts programming to create a welcoming community.

The Raptures of Distress
Wood Hall
, Victoria Conservatory of Music (entry off Pandora)
September 27 at
7 pm and September 28 at 2pm and 7pm.
Suggested donation $7.00

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