Mr P by Belzébrute, presented by Intrepid Theatre September 22-24, 2016. Interview.

Mr P by Belzébrute presented by Intrepid Theatre, September 22-24, 2016. Interview.

Mr P tells nothing less than the fabulous story of the real Mister Potato Head! Inspired by 1920’s silent movies, this modern tale brilliantly combines live music, video projection, and puppetry. It’s part cartoon, part musical comedy.

I wanted to know more about the “band of artists” Belzébrute—never before seen on the West Coast.  They were kind enough to answer a few questions.

You’ve been producing work as a “band” of artists for the past 10 years correct?  How did this band come about?

At the beginning, it’s a story of friends. Jocelyn Sioui, Clémence Doray, Caroline Fortin and Eric Desjardins started the “theatre band” in 2007 by creating their first work Cri-au-logis. Then Amélie Poirier-Aubry joined the band in 2008 to participate in the creation of Shavirez, le Tsigane des mers and brought the musical part of Belzébrute. We love to be called a “theatre band” because we are creating as a garage music band, in a collective way and we wear different hats at a time (writing-creative direction-acting). In 2011 we created MANGA and Mr P in 2013.

Is this your first visit to Victoria?  Are you touring this show elsewhere?

Yes it’s our first visit to Victoria and we can’t wait to come in the western part of Canada! We’re actually touring this show in Québec, and in France. We participated in a wonderful festival in France last August and hope to go back in Europe to present our work.

Significant awards or accolades?

Mr P
Top 10 from Centaur Theatre Montreal Fringe Festival 2013

 Shavirez, le Tsigane des mers
Jury’s favorite Festival Mondial des Théâtres de Marionnettes de Charleville-Mézières 2013 (OFF)
Best French text Festival Fringe de Montréal 2008
Top Ten Patron s Pick @ Festival Fringe de Windsor 2008

Best Costume design Gala des Cochons d’Or 2011
Best Music design Gala des Cochons d’Or 2011
Best Set Design Festival Fringe de Montréal 2011
Critic’s choice Festival Fringe de Windsor 2011

Can you speak to the creation process of this work?  What differentiates your work?

Mr P was created basically to achieve Jocelyn’s fantasy! For many years, he had the dream to see on a stage Mister Potato head singing Mexico by Luis Mariano. This is how it started. After, we brainstormed to write the story. We always work in a collective way. And to build the stage set, and make the puppets, we asked our professional friends to help us. In the case of Mr P, Stéphane Heine, Mathieu Poirier-Galarneau and Hubert Leduc-Villeneuve made the stage set and Francis Farley-Lemieux made the puppets. And the music part came along after this, composed by Amélie Poirier-Aubry, and interpreted live on stage.

There are many things that differentiate our work; here are the main ones:

  • in our three creations, there is always live music on stage
  • we love to mix different media such as video projections, live music, puppets, object theatre
  • our creations are always jam-packed with references, inspired by popular culture

Who will your show appeal to?  As an all-ages show  what is the age range you think it is most appropriate for?

There are two versions of the show. The one all-ages (more for adults) and the one for kids from 8 years old and up (this show is scheduled for Saturday September 24th at 2pm).

What would you say to entice a potential audience member to come?

Come and discover the REAL life of Mister Potato Head!

What do you hope to inspire in your audience?

Creativity has no borders. Also, the show talks about the star system and all the beautiful AND negative things that it can brings.

Is there anything I’ve missed asking you, or that you would like to comment on?

For more information, visit our website at and our Facebook page at

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Intrepid Theatre presents Belzébrute in Mr P.
Thursday September 22 – Saturday September 24, 8:00pm nightly (Adult version in English)
Saturday September 24, 2:00pm (Kid friendly version in French)
Metro Studio Theatre, 1411 Quadra Street
Tickets $20/$18 to evening performances, $10 to matinee

Show your Fringe Button for special Fringe pricing to Mr P – tickets just $11!
Purchase online at or call Ticket Rocket 250-590-6291

The evening performances include mature content.

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