Theatre SKAM’s Bike Ride 2014-preview

Theatre Skam’s 6th annual Bike Ride is set to roll July 12/13 and 19/20, 2014 along a 4 km stretch of the Galloping Goose Trailstarting from Cecelia Ravine Park.  This family-friendly, all-ages event features short performances in various locations along the trail. Some of this year’s 14 performances include: a 10 minute edition of Wagner’s Ring Cycle, a Punch and Judy show for peace, stilt walkers from Ottawa, an eco-tale, puppets and more. (See below for the complete list of companies and shows).

“We have an exceptional line-up of shows this year that really explore a number of subjects and theatrical styles. We have challenged the artists to keep the work edgy but suitable for all ages,” says Matthew Payne, Artistic Producer, Theatre SKAM. “This is an engaging theatre experience for all ages as it offers multiple styles and subjects. It’s alternative theatre you can be comfortable watching with your kids, your mother-in-law or your friends from the office.”

Bring your bikes, or rent some onsite, and then ride from venue to venue. There are four routes to choose from.

Bike Ride by Theatre SKAM July 2014

How does Bike Ride work?

The audience arrives at Cecilia Ravine Park. There is a hub of activity here- eco-conscious bike decoration (courtesy of The Makehouse), healthy concessions, ethical merchandise and box office tents dot the landscape of the park. Riders buy a ticket, decorate their bicycles and then proceed to an open courtyard area where they are met by a team of audience wranglers. New this year, The Bikehouse will feature entertainment for all ages in the form of a maker family tent.

At regular intervals, in groups of twelve, audiences are dispatched on a tour with a map of the relevant stretch of the trail. Each tour takes in three shows and returns to the hub. Performing companies repeat their short shows several times a day for these small audiences aboard bicycles. Audiences may see up to four tours (12 shows) on one admission. Between rides they enjoy smart food and surprise bursts of entertainment that emerge from the environment of the park.

There is something magical about floating through the landscape in the soft summer air— stopping to experience site-specific theatre—that never fails to enchant me. Bike Ride is one of my favourite summer festivals. Prior to volunteering in 2009 for the first festival, I had not ridden my bike in eons.  It’s been a joy to get back on two wheels again. Thanks Theatre SKAM for the push!

Check out what happened at Bike Ride in previous years. I’ll post pictures and more in a separate post next week after I’ve attended the first weekend.

Theatre SKAM’s Bike Ride 2014 lineup:

Let Beauty Awake – Fear No Opera (Victoria)
The Ring In Ten – Hateful Spring Productions (Victoria)
Giving Back – Hush Money (Victoria)
Drive-In / Under My Skin – Inner Fish Performance Co. (Kelowna)
Trash Tales – Kerploding Theatre (Victoria)
Crude Dark Matters: The Movie – Launch Pad (Victoria)
The Princess Rescue Force – New Blood Theatre (Victoria)
A Considerable Cocoon – Ottawa Stilt Union (Ottawa)
The Bush Party – Shoe String Theatre Collective (Vancouver)
Hide and See – Stand Up Dance (Toronto)
Wild Society – star star theatre (Vancouver)
Francine and Frankie’s Frantastic Wonder Show-Waddle Waddle Productions (Victoria)
The Sea Fantastic – Zopyra Theatre (Victoria)
Punch for Peace – Theatre Inconnu (Victoria)

For more information, visit

Tours start at various times between 3:30pm – 6:30pm on the following days:

Saturday July 12
Sunday July 13
Saturday July 19
Sunday July 20

Tickets are available at
Adult $15
2 Day Pass $25
Kids 12 and under are FREE
Bike Ride takes place at Cecelia Ravine Park, 475 Burnside Rd. East.
On-site tickets available for $20. Some tours are wheelchair accessible.

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