Top 10 Posts of 2014

Top Posts of 2014. I've been writing articles since 2009 (on and the now-defunct Posterous), but the url became active in 2011 (I transferred the older content).  Traffic has grown incrementally since then and the focus has shifted substantially from community events and news of upcoming arts events to a heavy emphasis on reviews--and it shows in the top posts of 2014. Ignorance by the Old Trout Puppet … [Read more...]

Five Hole For Food Victoria – help the Mustard Seed Food Bank – Friday July 19th 2013

Join the team from Five Hole for Food (FHFF), this Friday July 19th at Saanich Plaza from 2 to 6pm, as they play Canada’s favourite pastime – road hockey - and raise donations of food and cash for Victoria’s Mustard Seed Food Bank. I first became aware of Five Hole for Food, founded in Vancouver in 2010, through my online social media connections, and am happy to lend my support to their ongoing efforts to raise awareness of, and support … [Read more...]

Wired Arts Festival, the first online performing arts festival

We’re at a pivotal moment in the future of the performing arts, world-wide. New technologies and social media give us the ability to connect, as performers and audiences, in un-paralleled fashion. Kathryn Jones and the team at Virtual Arts TV hope to capitalize on this interest as they present the first online performing arts festival Wired Arts Festival, February 19th – March 2nd, 2013. I first met Kathryn on Twitter, and became very … [Read more...]

Social Media Predictions for 2013 – where are we headed?

In late 2011, I was asked by Monday Magazine to provide my predictions for social media in 2012.  They are listed below.  I'm curious to know what you think - did I get it right?  What came out of left field that we weren't anticipating?  Where will we be headed in 2013?  I'd love to hear your comments about developments you've seen, and what you would predict for 2013. Monday only asked for my top five but there were definitely other trends I … [Read more...]

Word Camp Victoria 2013 Presentation: Blogging to Build Community, Online and Off

I’m honoured to be speaking at the fifth Word Camp Victoria on January 12th, 2013. It’s a labour of love for Paul Holmes and a way for the community of WordPress enthusiasts and developers to give back. When I approached blogging in the mid 2000s I couldn’t imagine having enough to say. Then I started using Twitter in April 2009, posting tweets of interest to me - mainly regarding the performing arts and community building initiatives in … [Read more...]

Royal Tea at the Fairmont Empress to celebrate Queen Elizabeth’s Diamond Jubilee

When Executive Chef Kamal Silva was appointed to the Fairmont Empress Hotel, one of his very first decisions was to establish honey bee hives in the garden.  (You can read more about the arrival of the Queen Bee in May 2011 here) Fairmont Empress Executive Chef, Kamal Silva, and Director of Food and Beverage, Nathan Pearce Now, a little over a year later, the bees have produced thousands of pounds of honey, and Chef Silva is incorporating it … [Read more...]

Cuts Hit Applied Communication Program At Camosun College (Victoria BC)

When budget cuts were announced at Camosun College (Victoria BC) Wednesday April 4 2012, it became apparent that the renowned and respected Applied Communication Program (ACP), a mainstay for almost 40 years - class 40 graduates in 2013 - is on the chopping block.  This is the curated content regarding the impact of these cuts to many generations of communications professionals, and the greater community they serve. … [Read more...]

Cuts to Camosun College’s Applied Communication Program: An Open Letter from Grad Amanda Farrell-Low

When Camosun College announced recent program cuts, one casualty was the Applied Communication Program, which has, since 1972, trained thousands of communications and communications industry professionals. Graduates of the program work in every communications and media field, and are present in every major media outlet in Victoria BC (and well beyond). One such graduate is Amanda Farrell- Low (class 32). Here is her open letter concerning the … [Read more...]

Congratulations on Your Move Cabin 12!

Congratulations to the team at Cabin 12 Restaurant on a successful move from the downtown core to a new location at 3111 Cedar Hill Rd (home to the former La Collina, Fresh Bistro/Bakery, and Sliders). The history of Cabin 12  @Cabin12Victoria and the morning Victoriatweetup and social media "scene" in Victoria are closely inter-twined. Corey Judd started his popular downtown Victoria eatery in early 2009, leveraging Facebook for venture … [Read more...]

Building Resilient Networks, Online and Off, talk from IdeaWave 2011

From a talk given at Idea Wave 2011: Building Resilient Networks, Online and Off, in the 21st Century.  Thanks to Kris Constable for continuing to provide a platform for critical thinkers to exchange ideas. Today I got to thinking about social media, connection and community. How the nature of technology has changed the way we think about community but has not necessarily made it easier to maintain the connections needed to maintain resilient … [Read more...]