The Voyage of the Forest Dream and The Amethyst Incident, fundraiser for Theatre Inconnu and the Maritime Museum of BC

If you have a love of old sea-tales, here’s a fundraiser that will be of interest – just in time for spring break.

Voyage of the Forest DreamThe Forest Dream, under sail.

The Maritime Museum of BC and Theatre Inconnu present:

The Voyage of the Forest Dream and The Amethyst Incident: Dramatic readings of two maritime adventures.

A joint fundraising event for The MaritimeMuseum and Theatre Inconnu.

The Voyage of the Forest Dream, a memoir by Captain Niels Peter Thomsen.

Relive the vibrant days when sea travel meant sailing with the wind, sailors climbed masts to dizzying heights to set sails on ships swaying in high seas and when journeys ended, crews were paid in gold coins.

The Amethyst Incident, excerpts from the original diary by Coxswain Leslie Frank (edited by Rachel Wyatt).

In 1949, the HMS Amethyst was unwittingly caught in the middle of the Chinese Civil War on the Yangtze River.  The battle that ensued became an international incident with all the characteristics of a high-octane suspense thriller, and formed the basis for a critically acclaimed feature film in 1957.

The readings will be done by University of Victoria professors emeriti: John Krich and Juliana Saxton, accompanied by Will Weigler and Clayton Jevne. All four professional actors will take you back to the romance and danger inherent on the high seas, in the atmospheric environment of the historic Maritime Museum.  Live sea shanties will set the tone for the evening.

March 20th @ 8pm, Maritime Museum, 28, Bastion Square
Tickets: $20 from the Museum at (250) 385-4222

HMS AmethystHMS Amethyst. Image –

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