Theatre Recap for 2012

Following on Lois Watson’s lead, (Lois is a stage manager based in Vancouver who I originally met online), here is my theatre recap for 2012.  I saw 105 productions (a far cry from Lois’ 174): 67 during the regular season, and 38 at the Victoria Fringe Festival.  I’ve listed them in chronological order.

There were 72 theatre related posts on this blog, including 28 reviews, 3 interviews, 5 seasonal posts and over 20 previews.  I’d like to thank all the individuals and companies who contributed to my theatrical fun this year.  I look forward to a 2013 that looks to be equally promising.


1          On the Edge (Belfry Theatre) review
2          New Works Festival (Canadian College of Performing Arts CCPA) preview




3          The Crackwalker (Theatre Inconnu) review
4          Rabbit Hole (Langham Court) review
5          The Wyf ofBath, by Julian Cervello of Scrumpy Productions (the YOU Show at Intrepid Theatre Club)
6          Digital Sunshine by Atomic Vaudeville and CCPA preview
7          Joséphina, La Chaliwaté Company, as part of Intrepid Theatre’s presenting series
8          An Improvised Film Noir by Paper Street Theatre  preview

SPARK Festival at the Belfry Theatre

9          The Book of Eve (play reading)
10        Goodness (Volcano Theatre) – review
11        Kitt and Jane (Snafu Dance Theatre) review
12        My Memory’s Not So Good by Theatre SKAM (play reading)
13        Shane Koyzcan When I Was a Kid review
14        Fish Eyes by Anita Majumdar review
15        Home is a Beautiful Word (verbatim theatre project commissioned by the Belfry)


16        God of Carnage (Belfry Theatre) review
17        Footloose (Canadian College of Performing Arts) preview
18        VIRCS Enable Theatre Project preview


19        Shirley Valentine (Nicola Cavendish for Blue Bridge Theatre) interview and review
20        The Inspector General  (Kate Rubin Studio) preview
21       Sin City a live improvised soap opera review

UNOFest preview

22        Blue Box (Carmen Aguirre – Nightswimming Productions)
23        God is a Scottish Drag Queen (Mike Delamont, Delcon Entertainment)
24        The God That Comes (Hawksley Workman & 2B Theatre)
25        Jake’s Gift (Julia Mackey)
26        Cougar Annie (Katrina Kadoski)
27        Where’s My Flying Car (Missie Peters)


28        The Walworth Farce (Theatre Inconnu) review
29        Arms and the Man (Blue Bridge Theatre) review
30        The Gift (Atomic Vaudeville)
31        Batman’s Great Mystery Part 2 (This Is Twisted Theatre) preview
32        The Foreigner (Langham Court) review
33        Bike Ride (Theatre SKAM) preview


34        Of Mice and Men (Blue Bridge) review
35        The Path by Impulse Theatre preview and review
36        Much Ado About Nothing (Greater Victoria Shakespeare Society) preview
37        As You Like It (Greater Victoria Shakespeare Society)
38        Big Mamma! The Willie Mae Thornton Story (Belfry Theatre) review
39        Ocean Fox (Castlereigh Productions) preview
40        Little Shop of Horrors (BlueBridge) review


41        Henry IV (Keep it Simple Productions) review

         Victoria Fringe Festival 2 previews and 1 each for Edmonton andVancouver

42        The Tenant Haimovitz (Zygota)
43        She Has a Name (Burnt Thicket Theatre)
44        Fear Factor, Canine Edition (John Grady)
45        Dirk Darrow:NCSSI (Tim Motley)
46        In/side (Sinéad Cormack)
47        Spark (Broken Rythms)
48        Two Corpses Go Dancing (Two Unruly Gentlemen)
49        Beautiful Obedient Wife (The Chicken My Grandmother Gave Me Productions)
50        Honesty Hour (Hartofsilver Productions)
51        My Aim is True (GarbageBear Productions)
52        Abyss Burrow (Vanessa Quesnelle)
53        slut (r)evolution (Cameryn Moore/Little Black Book Productions)
54        Fringe-provise Me (Broad Theatrics)
55        Dying Hard (A Vagrant Theatre)
56        Henry V (Keep it Simple Productions)
57        Bookworm (Corin Raymon)
58        Redheaded Stepchild (Nobody’s Business Theatre)
59        Little Lady (Sandrine Lafond)
60        Fishbowl (Mark Shyzer)
61        Ballad of Herbie Cox (Sum of its Parts)
62        LittleOrangeMan (Snafu Dance Theatre)
63        Jem Rolls: Ten Starts and an End (Big Word Performance Poetry)
64        Significant Me (Christel Bartelse)
65        Charlie Hockey Story (Jim Sands Presents)
66        Wind in the Pines (Soaki Salon)
67        Hanafuda Denki (Ryuzanji Company)
68        First Day Back (Ten Foot Pole Theatre)
69        Pump Trolley Comedy
70        Sex Religion and Other Hang-ups (Gangland Productions)
71        The Water is Wide (Randy Rutherford Presents)
72        Comedy Fun Pack (One Dead Troll and a Cranny)
73        The Damned Girl (Impulse Theatre)
74        Lies! (Travis Bernhardt)
75        Love is for Superbeasts (Determined Allusions)
76        Hip Bang!
77        Hello My Name is Matthew Payne (Theatre SKAM)
78        Earth Leader: Son of ’Bub (RIGIndustries)
79        Burnt at the Steak (Carolann Valentino Productions)


80        Red (Belfry Theatre)
81        The Misanthrope (Company C at the Canadian College of Performing Arts CCPA)


82        Blackbird (Theatre Inconnu) review
83        84,Charing Cross Road(LanghamCourtTheatre) review
84        Dracula (Giggling Iguana Productions) review
85        Peter ‘n Chris and the Mystery of the Hungry Heart Motel (Alumni Spotlight at UVic’s Phoenix Theatre) review
86        The Hobbit (William Head on Stage WHoS) review
87        That Maple Feeling, CCPA and AV preview
88        The Horror Within by Paper Street Theatre
89        The Metamorphobia Masquerade by Atomic Vaudeville


90        Les Liaisons Dangereuses by Company C at CCPA
91        Good Person of Setzuan (UVic’s Phoenix Theatre) review
92        Mike Delamont Live Comedy Taping
93        A Christmas Carol (Belfry Theatre) review
94        Ghosts of the Plaza review
95 by David Elendune and Giggling Iguana interview and review
96        Lady Windemere’s Fan (Langham Court Theatre) review
97        Bounce Dance Cabaret returns preview
98        Derwin Blanshard preview
99        Kafka the Musical (Langham Court) review
100      A Child’s Christmas in Wales(Theatre Inconnu and Merlin’s Sun Home Theatre)


101      Bat Boy the Musical (Company C at CCPA)
102      Ride the Cyclone (Atomic Vaudeville)
103      Mike Delamont Live!
104      A Carol for Christmas (Paper Street Theatre)
105      Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy (This Is Twisted Theatre)

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