From the Heart: enter into the journey of reconciliation. July 10 – 27th 2013.

I grew up in Ucluelet on the traditional lands of the Nuu-chah-nulth people, but it wasn’t until I was in Grade 5 or 6 that the first aboriginal students joined us at the local elementary school. The nearby residential school (called Christie or Kakawis) on MearesIsland was the last such school to close in BC in 1983.  So, why did I think it had closed when I was 11 or 12 (in the mid-60s)? Our settler’s memory can be very selective, even … [Read more...]

Open Cinema hosts: “Play Again” – November 7th, 2012

Open Cinema hosts the thought-provoking and gently funny documentary PLAY AGAIN Wednesday November 7th, in partnership with the Habitat Acquistion Trust, and asks the question – “What are the consequences of a childhood removed from Nature?”   As a child, growing up on the wild west coast of Vancouver Island in the 1960s and early 1970s, I spent hours exploring the woods and beaches surrounding my community.  It wasn’t unusual for me … [Read more...]

The Hobbit at William Head on Stage (WHoS) – a review.

It’s a fair journey through the country roads of Metchosin for William Head on Stage’s production of The Hobbit, but definitely not as epic as the one travelled by the intrepid band of thespians interpreting Tolkein’s classic for our viewing pleasure. Now in its 31st year (The Hobbit is their 51st), WHoS started as a final exam for prisoners taking the University of Victoria’s drama course, and is the only inmate-initiated, inmate-run theatre … [Read more...]

LIV Your Life Dragon Boat Fundraiser July 28th

Join young women leaders for the first LIV Your Life Dragon Boat Fundraiser July 28th at Go Rowing and Paddle in Victoria, and help them reach their goal of $40,000 raised to assist your girls in Malawi stay in school. Clean running water. Electricity. Free school.  In our western developed world, we take these to be basic rights.  Yet, in many developing countries, even if school is free, uniforms and shoes are not, and children drop out … [Read more...]

4th Annual Fashion with Passion Fundraiser for WIN Cooperative

I've long been an advocate of reusing and repurposing clothing. As a young mother, my budget did not always allow me to purchase off-the-rack at full price so I spent my "me" time scouring the shelves at local thrift, second-hand and consignment stores. One of my favourite destinations is the WIN store on Cook Street.  I like to give back to my community by supporting this locally owned cooperative that assists so many "women in need". … [Read more...]

Quadra Village Day Dance needs YOU!

I've been a supporter of Quadra Village Day since moving to the Hillside - Quadra neighbourhood in 2006, and a member of the entirely volunteer-run planning committee since 2008.  This year one of our community partners and long time supporters, Dance Victoria, is organizing a "flash-mob" style dance to be performed at Quadra Village Day on Saturday May 12th. In 2011 Dance Victoria received municipal funding to create an … [Read more...]

Jeremy Loveday, performance poet and community organizer

Social media has opened many new worlds to me – among them the world of slam poetry and spoken word. In January 2011 I had the opportunity to attend a Tongues of Fire-hosted Victoria performance by the celebrated slam poet, Buddy Wakefield, and heard local performance poet Jeremy Loveday. … [Read more...]

“In Transit” by VIRCS Enable Youth Theatre Program, April 14 2012

Have you ever lived in another country, or had the experience of being "the other"?  I have - for six years in my twenties, I lived in France.  The sense of trying so hard to belong, while never truly fitting in remains strongly planted in my memory. Canada is a multi-cultural country, but it is still a challenge for newcomers to integrate.  How do young people and teenagers cope?  The Victoria Refugee and Immigrant Centre Society (VIRCS) has … [Read more...]

Idea Wave 2012

In 2010,  Kris Constable conceived Idea Wave - a two day conference of short 10 minute presentations by people who had an idea - big or small, on any subject.  Since then, there have been three Idea Wave conferences, the latest February 25 and 26th in Victoria BC.  I've had the pleasure of speaking at all three and would personally like to thank Kris for creating a space/place and community for people who share a passion for thinking, ideas, … [Read more...]

Impressions from “A Conversation on Amalgamation” February 7th, 2012 Victoria BC

I arrived at SJ Willis Educational Centre to a packed auditorium - 150 people determined to share in this "Conversation on Amalgamation" convened by a volunteer committee of: Shellie Gudgeon, Tamara Hernandez, Rod Phillips, Susan Jones and Mat Wright.  Since their involvement started largely due to conversations on Twitter, there was naturally a new media component to the evening. Here is the #yyjgov tweet stream as curated using … [Read more...]