Early and Night Shift at the Royal BC Museum November 21, 2014

Early and Night Shift at the Royal BC Museum November 21, 2014. Media release and preview. This past year, the Learning Department has invited three Victoria artists—Aimee van Drimmelen, Lindsay Delaronde and Gareth Gaudin—into the Royal BC Museum for a year-long residency. In addition to taking part in our Wonder Sunday and Night at the Museum events, they went behind the scenes to creatively chronicle the extraordinary objects and … [Read more...]

Monday Magazine M Awards 2014

Monday Magazine M Awards 2014  The official ballot (survey) is now online for the 2014 Monday Magazine M Awards. Here are all the categories and nominees--if, like me, you prefer to read them all before beginning to vote.  Please note--it is not possible to hit "previous" in the survey without it recording you as having completed. If you want your vote to count you must vote for a minimum of 20 categories (out of 45+).  There are a number of … [Read more...]

Victoria Arts Adventures March 2014

Victoria Arts Adventures March 2014. When I started writing about the arts, some of my first posts were an attempt to capture what was happening on a seasonal basis in the theatre community in Victoria BC.  It provided a place to get all the theatre listings in one place—I figured if I was having trouble keeping it straight most people would have the same problem.  Since 2011 the number of offerings has increased exponentially, and I've also … [Read more...]

Art Walks, Studio Tours and Sales for the Holiday Season 2013. Victoria BC

Art Walks, Studio Tours and Sales for the Holiday Season 2013. Victoria BC. For me, shop local also means art.  Some of my most cherished holiday traditions are walking from gallery to gallery during specially organized art walks, or taking a trip to participate in a studio tour. Of late, the “small works show” has become popular, with three local galleries displaying works that are small in size and cost. Walks, tours and sales all … [Read more...]

Jimmy Wright A Retrospective: Art with Attitude

Iconic Canadian artist Jimmy Wright died in 2008. To mark the fifth anniversary of Jimmy’s passing, artist Kay Lovett has curated a retrospective of his work, the first public showing and sale.The 12 day retrospective opens  August 10,  2013 at the Martin Batchelor Gallery, and continues to the 22nd. Wright was best known for his big polar bears and bisons, he had a master’s degree in economics and a straightforward attitude. For years he had a … [Read more...]

Next Course, an exhibition at Metchosin Art Gallery Feb 2-24th 2013

There's nothing better, on a lazy and damp winter weekend, than to head out into the country for a ramble that involves art, food, and perhaps hiking.  Fortunately, living in Victoria, you can accomplish all three by travelling to Metchosin for a visit to the new contemporary, non-profit, Metchosin Art Gallery, created by the Metchosin Arts and Cultural Association. Curator Haley Finnigan (a UVic Visual Arts grad) has been extremely busy since … [Read more...]

Jazz at the Gallery 2013

In our ongoing exploration of 2013 as The Year of Taking More Risks, Having More Fun, and Expanding Cultural Horizons, why not spend a Sunday afternoon at the historic Spencer Mansion, home of the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria (AGGV), listening to the cool tunes of some of the city's most renowned jazz artists. Founded in 2010 as a collaboration of the UJAM (Universal Jazz Advocates and Mentors) Society and the AGGV, Jazz at the … [Read more...]

Art Walks, Shows and Sales for the 2012 Holiday Season – Victoria BC

An impressive cornucopia of artistic treats awaits art lovers as the holiday season approaches.  How often have I heard people wish, sometimes with a trace of envy, that they had more art in their lives? I’m reminded of the old English proverb “What, a cat may look on a king, ye know!”  I may not have the finances to purchase all the art I would like to have hanging on my walls, but I can definitely attend art openings, studio tours, gallery … [Read more...]

Illustrated Talk: The Art and Life of Ina D.D. Uhthoff – CACGV Gallery, September 26th

Thanks to social media, I made a connection with Mona Fertig, owner of Mother Tongue Publishing, now based on Salt Spring Island.  Fertig has a long career as a passionate supporter of writers. She founded the Literary Storefront, then established a small press, Mother Tongue Books - a publisher of poetry chap books, and is now publishing  a series of books promoting unheralded BC artists. The latest book in the series (The Art and Life of Ina … [Read more...]

A Spring to Fall 2012: Art Shows and Studio Tours in Victoria BC

I love art, and remember well growing up on the West Coast at a time when many artists were escaping the city. Moving to Europe in my early 20s, I spent endless hours wandering the corridors of museums and galleries, frantically sketching (poorly) my impressions. When I returned to Victoria I knew art had to remain in my life. Remembering an early comment by Robert Amos about the value of purchasing local, original art, we began. Our budget … [Read more...]